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    AMBULANCE SERVICE SUD COMPANY offers its expertise to patients in southern region of Tunisia: Gabes, Medenine Djerba, Tataouine, Kebili and even Sfax.
    The company is ready to assist 7d / 7 for any kind of transportation lying or half-sitting, requiring constant monitoring or porting.



    AMBULANCE DU SUD was founded in 1995 in Gabes and, at the time, it even served tourism through EUROPE ASSISTANCE and ELVIA ASSISTANCE and WORLDWIDE ASSISTANCE etc.


    The company enter in the oil service in southern Tunisia OM CHIAH/ MATMATA site through PERINCO COMPANY in TUNISIA, EL Faouar and El Franing sites


    From 2008 to 2011, the company extends its activities through BRITISH GAS LPG GABES, in 2012 through OMV and in 2013 through ANSALDO ENERGIA SOUSSE.


    We guarantee you:

    • The entry and leaving of hospitalization
    • The ground or air ambulance repatriation.
    • The medical transport and nursing in ambulances
    • Assistance and emergency doctor and nurse on-site
    • Clinical rental and mobile medical center
    • VSL and taxi

    We will carry you over any distance with a suitable vehicle. Our qualified staff will answer all your needs using our new hardware and vehicles.

    A mobile clinic (medical cabin) with emergency equipment, and installation of oxygen resuscitation care.




    Our entire team of rescuers, paramedics and nurses is available 24h/24 and 7/7 to monitor and assist patients who trust us when they need transportation at their comfort and well-being.

    In each vehicle there are two crew members, one of whom has at least a STATE NURSING Degree, who assist you in your most distant journeys.


    For your comfort and safety, 5 air-conditioned vehicles are available.

    • Regularly renewed for the comfort of their patients
    • Compliance with hygiene standards and regularly cleaned and disinfected according to strict methods (Products Laboratory ANIOS ®),
    • Providing a rigorous maintenance with consistent material and in conformity with recent legislation.
    • 2 ambulances 4X4 Toyota land cruiser and three buses with on board a semi-automatic defibrillator (AED) and a multi-parameter device for measuring voltage, pulse and oxygen saturation for an accurate and full balance sheet of the patient during our interventions.


    Vehicles with GPS

    First aid equipment

    Oxygen Equipment

    Stretcher® KARTSANA position half sitting / lying

    Bacteriostatic cover

    Vehicle quick little volume

    Special Rear Suspension Ambulance


    AMBULANCE SERVICE SUD has provided excellent service to this project since june 2008 in the area of mobile clinic, Medic, Ambulance and doctor.

    The overall professional attitude and abilities for adhering to project specification has been very good throughout the period of their support to this project.

    I personnaly recommend the services of Ambulance Service and to any project requiring this level of expertise, attitude and professionalism..

    Terry Burrell- Construction Manager - BG Tunisia

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    Adresse: 18 rue Taher Haddad Gabès,Tunisie
    GSM: 00 216 98 420 844
    TEL : (+216) 75 278 777
    FAX : (+216) 75 270 572